Coal is a solid hydrocarbon formed from plants in the geological past and preserved by burial under various sedimentary rocks.  The preservation process begins with..

Coal Rank

The rank of a coal is used to identify its position on the continuum that starts with peat, progresses through brown coal then lignite, followed by sub-bituminous coal..

How Coal Formed

Coal is made from plant material (trees, small bushes and grasses) that have died and been submerged quickly in water. In this process, fungi and bacteria degrade the plant material and…

Callide B&C Power Stations Queensland

PIK Mine East Kalimantan Indonesia

Barge Loading South Kalimantan Indonesia

OB Drilling Chara Siberia

Merge Mine Longwall Maingate, South Kalimantan Indonesia

LW Showing Hard Coal and Roof Contamination, Central Kalimantan Indonesia

Hitachi EX8000 Callide Mine Queensland

EX3600 Loadout Callide Mine Queensland

Dragline Callide Mine Queensland

Chara Coal Winning Siberia

BPM Stockpile Management Central Kalimantan

Bottom Dumping Coal Truck Callide Mine Queensland

Barge Loading South Kalimantan Indonesia

Peter Gunn at Merge Mine Development Face South Kalimantan Indonesia

Merge Mine, Binuang South Kalimantan Indonesia

Resin from Miocene Age coal in Central Kalimantan

Hard Thermal Coal

Ashley Gunn

Brothers in Arms

OB Removal SEM Coal Mine East Kalimantan Indonesia

Welcome to Coal Marketing International Limited (CMI)

CMI is a niche provider of information relating to the marketing, processing, mining, logistics of coal. CMI also provides “Expert Witness” advice in legal cases. Our expertise has been gained from working in most of the world’s coal fields.

Our services to the coal industry include:

  • Exploration programme design, implementation and management
  • Geological modelling
  • Mine geology
  • Geotechnical investigations and reporting
  • JORC resources
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Valuations and due diligence
  • JORC Reserves
  • Optimisation
  • Environmental Assessment and
  • Reporting
  • Coal breakdown Analysis
  • Sink Float Analysis
  • Processing Options
  • Post Processing product definition
Coal Quality
  • Coal quality definition and analysis
  • Quality and market alignment
  • Market Analysis
  • Niche market identification
  • Trading
  • Sourcing and Supply
  • Brokering
  • Logistics